What is Flamingo WiFi?

A plug & play customisable guest WiFi system with built in data capturing and marketing tools.

The main purpose of Flamingo WiFi is to provide our customers with a simple and effective way to convert your guests into direct booking return customers. Cut out the OTAs and save massive amounts in referral fees.

You can also create custom banner advertisements or buttons to sell your products or services to your guests. These advertisements are shown to everyone who uses your WiFi and is a perfect opportunity for upsells and direct marketing.


And as a bonus, you will boost the social media presence of your brand effortlessly – with the help of our social media login and compulsory “like” features. Read more about this below.

Flamingo WiFi is 100% legal and GDPR compliant.


How can it help my business?

Apart from helping you build up a database of customer data, Flamingo WiFi can also help boost your social media presence.

Flamingo WiFi offers quick and simple social media login options for your guests. They are given the option to log in with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and email address.

The powerful advertising features make this ideal for serviced accommodation and can help increase direct bookings and ancillary revenue like late check out fees.

We also offer you the option to automatically redirect your guests to your website after they successfully login to your WiFi network.


How does it work?

Our plug and play device makes it extremely simple. Just plug it into the back of your WiFi router, and now you’ve got a professional guest WiFi network with a data capturing login system.

No technical knowledge required. Just hook it up to your existing WiFi router with the cable we include. It’s as simple as that. 

Send us your logo after you have signed up and we will customise it all for you. Everything can be managed and changed within the admin dashboard which you are given access to.

We provide full customer support to all of our clients as well as teaching you how to use the data you collect from your guests.

If you have any questions – please give us a call.